Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Top Pics

Things we will miss

1.     Grandma and the family

2.     Friendliness – the vast majority of people are super nice

3.     Beaches!!!!!!

4.     Bus adventures (aka arm workout)

5.     Sun-tanning (yay equator)

6.     Cheap drinks, esp. chope, agua de coco, caipiroscas

7.     Hammocks

8.     Cheap seafood (including lobster), fried balls, churros

9.     Traveling on a whim – “So uh, Salvador?” - “yea, ok”

10. Pretty bikinis and shoes

11. Centro– We started out thinking it was sketchy but now we LOVE it! Its crazy and full of stuff and you get the best deals if you bargain and just people watching there is a trip

12. Freedoms that come with “whatever, I’ll never see these people again”

13. Seeing each other every waking moment of every day – the boys better get ready for some double-dating

14. The music, most of it is fun and innovative and we’ll be hearing Beyoncé sing it in 5 years or so

15. Having a house maid – may sound awful, but its nice to have all cooking and cleaning done for us

16. Babies! People bring them everywhere and our research involves babies. (ok, this one is mostly Galina)

17. Drinking beer out of thermoses at home – how to drink in a Catholic household

18. Being the same height as the rest (guess who)

19. Our nightly soaps (esp. “Haji” from Caminho das Indias who may not look Indian but sure is a looker)   

Things we won't miss

1.     Little ants that are everywhere

2.     The cat calls, the 180’s, the “that’s niiice”, the honking, the staring

3.     Taking 2 hours to get anywhere (including the beach)

4.     The crazy driving (Fortaleza drivers live to the tune of Ludacris’s “Move bitch”)

5.     Sunburns (boo equator)

6.     Caipiroscas (it’s a love/hate relationship)

7.     Sloooooow to non-existent internet and therefore contact to the outside world

8.     Not having a choice of meals – grandma fries everything and dinner is always soup

9.     Going to sleep listening to our neighbor practicing percussion

10. Waking up to birds above her head (Galina), blenders and family bickering (Joana)

11. Forró music

12. Hannah Montana (our host sister is obsessed and as our host mom put it “no one deserves this”)

13. Brazilian time (between an hour and a month late)

14. The stark contrasts between middle class (our family and friends who own cars and can afford restaurants) and the lower class (frequently seen rummaging thru the middle class garbage)

15. The garbage – everywhere!

16. Being the only blonde within a 28475 block radius (guess who)

17. Risking our life every time we cross the street (see #4)

18. Mosquito bites

19. Cold showers (although we are used to it now and its better for sunburns)

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